Case 5 Blue Nile

Case studies help you to apply your knowledge to analyze real life situations. Your team will be assigned one case to analyze. Each team will assume the role of consultants employed to present your analysis and recommendations to the assigned company’s senior management. Case report: A report is expected to include: • Industry Analysis: o How attractive is the industry? (using the Five forces analysis of the industry) o What are the critical success factors of the industry? • Competitor Analysis: o Who are the major competitors and what are their strengths and weaknesses? • Internal Analysis: o What are your client’s core competencies? o What are your client’s weaknesses? • Recommended strategy for improving the client’s competitive position in the future (The recommendation should be based on your industry, competitor, and internal analyses) Additional instructions: • All sources of information must be cited. • Formatting American Psychological Association (APA) academic formatting style for all assignments. • Unity in the paper. The paper should show unity; that is the content should build together to the conclusions. Content, analysis, and writing should be consistent throughout the paper. Major points will be lost if this is not done. • Submit final papers by the deadline via Blackboard • The report should be 10 pages: no cover page; double spaced, 1 inch margins; 12 point font; free of spelling errors or grammar errors.

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