Cabanel’s The Birth of Venus.

The outline: Introduction/Thesis paragraph + 1) Formal analysis + 2) Historical background + 3) Interpretation based on a thesis + Conclusion. – 1) A formal analysis of The Birth of Venus by Cabanel (Guidelines will be attached!) – 2) Historical background (general historical context, characteristics of the artistic movement the work belongs to, a short biography of the artists relevant to the work) – 3) Interpretation (a thesis followed by a short argument: what is/are the signification/s of this work in its context, what are the interrogations it sets –> Thesis could be around the fact that the mythological theme present in the painting is used to justify the nudity in this painting and it is “an opportunity to introduce eroticism without offending public morality”(Musee d’Orsay website) but a bit more developed. Each of these parts should be approximately equal! – You will give at least three supportive examples, freely chosen artworks (any relevant example {the other birth of Venus paintings, there are multiple by different artists} + One of the three is Manet’s Olympia which uses nudity in a different way {can be used as a contrasting painting} sustaining your argument.) You must not analyze them fully, just mention them relevantly to support your analysis or argument. – You will quote four academic readings: at least two books, plus other books and/or RECENT scholarly articles (a least after 1970) but not general or museum websites and other general articles. – Footnotes or parenthetical notes are required, especially for direct citations (mention the source, it should be of course, academic not just anything on the web!) 

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