Business Plan OR General Application Essay OR Movie Analysis Essay

Select at least four of the six parts of the textbook as concepts discussed in your project: Part 1: The Business Environment Part 4: Human Resources Part 2: Business Ownership and Entrepreneurship Part 5: Marketing Part 3: Management and Organization Part 6: Information, Accounting, and Finance For Business Plan Purposes: Must use template provided in the CANVAS classroom or a pre-approved equivalent format. For General Application Essay Purposes: Select ONE of the following topics to write your essay 1.) How has this class helped you with my personal home budget and finances? 2.) Ethics in the Workplace: How can you apply what you have learned in this class towards ethics in my workplace? 3.) 2018 and Beyond: Understanding the World We Live In and International Business Relations 4.) The Internet as a Business Tool: World Wide Marketing and Sales 5.) Multigenerational Management For the purposes of the Movie Analysis Essay: Do not simply give me the movie plot. Explain how certain scenes in the movie can be explained in business terms.

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