BUS215: Outline and PowerPoint Presentation for Non-profit

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Do you care deeply about a particular nonprofit organization or cause? Perhaps you have donated to a cancer charity or volunteered for a local faith-based nonprofit. The Red Cross, Greenpeace, and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) may be household names, but thousands of lesser-known nonprofit organizations are also trying to make the world a better place.

Professional fund-raiser and nonprofit service expert Sarah W Mackey encourages volunteers-to-be to become ambassadors for their favorite organizations. Much like brand ambassadors, advocates for nonprofits should wear the nonprofit’s logo, invite friends, tell their families, raise money, volunteer, and spread the word on social media, Mackey says. Some nonprofits—for example, the California-based environmental group Heal the Bay—are proactive. They offer speaker training to volunteers eager to reach out to their communities and raise awareness. Ambassadors do good, become professional speakers, and acquire valuable skills to put on their résumés, a win-win-win!

Your Task:

Select your favorite charity. If you need help, find your charity or cause by visiting GuideStar, a nongovernmental watchdog that monitors nonprofits, or simply google list of nonprofits. Learn as much as you can from your organization’s website and from articles written about it. Also, vet your charity by checking it out on GuideStar. Then assemble your information into a logical outline, and create a persuasive oral presentation using presentation software. Your goal is not only to introduce the charity but also to inspire your peers to seek more information and to volunteer. Tip: Focus on the benefits, direct and indirect, of volunteering for this charity. Develop one visual aid to illustrate some aspect of your message to be used during your presentation.

Tips: Your presentation outline should be done as a traditional Roman numeral outline, similar to what you would submit for an English paper. You should include references for the information that you are sharing (cited in the outline and contained in a reference page). Your presentation should be professional–practice!! Do not forget to gather an audience to present to, and although there is no minimum or maximum time limits, keep in mind that no presentation less than five minutes in length is worth anything! At the end of the day, keep this question in mind: “If I (you, the student) were in the audience would what I just said/did convince me to donate, volunteer (whatever you are asking us to do)?”

P.S. I can do the recorded presentation, I just need the presentation power point and outline.

Note- It can’t be done on St. Jude Children Hospital.

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