Breakeven Analysis answer it

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Breakeven Analysis

Total Fixed Costs (FC):$108,524

Price (P):$37.87

Variable Costs (VC):$15.87



  • Determine the Breakeven point (BE) in units.Round up your resulting number in units (your breakeven point ALWAYS rounds up).Use this rounded number in your calculation
  • Calculate the Total Revenue (TR) at breakeven.
  • Calculate the Total Costs (TC) breakeven.
  • Create a chart and label the breakeven point, total revenue, total costs, profit area, loss area, fixed costs, and variable costs.Make your chart similar to the one on page 639, Exhibit PC-10.
  • What is the profit and profit margin if output is 7892 units?
  • What is breakeven if cost rises by 11%?
  • What is breakeven if the selling price rises by 8%?

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