Book: Shadows at Dawn by KFates and Furies Essaarl Jacoby

Book: Shadows at Dawn by KFates and Furies Essaarl Jacoby Description Guidelines: Part I: This assignment has two parts. The first asks you to draft a concise review of the book. Your review should observe the following guidelines: First, you should open your essay with an introductory paragraph that introduces the overall themes of Jacoby’s book to the reader. Second, you need to present a clear and concise argument about the nature of “justice” in this book. As you read think about whether what the U.S. Army or Apaches did was “just.” Who is to blame for this massacre? Did the Apache receive “justice” in this crime? Or was the U.S. Army action even a crime at all? Also consider: Why has Jacoby written this book? What message does he want to convey? Why does that message matter? (You don’t have to specifically answer each of the above questions, but you do want to craft an argument that addresses one of these themes.) Part II: Your job as historians (and educated members of society) is also to be able to effectively evaluate and analyse sources. While you read, pay close attention to the types of sources and evidence that Jacoby uses in this book. In your essay you need to pick one example to address how each side (the Apaches and the U.S. Army) records information at the time of the event. How is Jacoby using these sources? Are there any inherent biases or problems with these types of sources? How to succeed: The best papers make a strong and clear argument and then use evidence in the form of examples or quotes from the book to help illustrate and prove their argument. But don’t over-quote, you want your evidence to complement your own argument, not to serve as a page-filler — use quotes smartly, but sparingly (aim for 1-2 per page.) When footnoting your quotes use parentheses e.g: (Jacoby, p.12) A bibliography or works cited is not required.

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