Book review on Confucious Lives Next Door-What Living in the East Teaches us About Living in the Wes

It is double spaced, type 12 point, and 4 pages in length. The first book review is based upon the readings that offer contemporary accounts of the lived experience of confucianism ans islam. The reviews call for you to consider the contemporary expression of these faith and to reflect to your own and our collective societal experience. To consider how central teachings, principals and pratices of these faith traditions could be introduced and implemented into your own life, experience and American culture so as lead to your personal and our collective edification.
How Confucianism/the Confucian ethos is expressed in contemporary Japanese culture-including, when revelant/pertinent, consideration ans assessment of central Confucian tenets operative in and experience by the Reids during their residency in contemporary Japan, eg,evidence of the 5 Confucian virtues, the 5 Confucian Key Relationship and corresponding 10 appropraite attitudes, the Confucian Doctrine of the Man Rectification
What lessons can we take from the Confucian/Japenese experience that might contribute to a better social experience in our culture as individuals.
“Allow the review to be an occasion by which you reflect upon and consider aspects anecdotes and aspects of the book and experiences of the Reid’s which paticularly struck in some-way positively or negatively and critically engage and answer why this was the cas

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