Book REPORT,. IT HAS TO BE A CHILDREN’S BOOK;Please read a book of your choice. As you are reading think about the key ideas in the story. Also think about some the concepts that make the story interesting such as character traits, predicting, plot, seque

1) Write a poem or song about your book. 
2) Write a one-person play about your book.
3) Create a poster with pictures and words that highlights key events in your book.
4) Design a PowerPoint presentation about your book.
5) Make a mini-book that covers key elements of the story.
6) Make a movie script about the book.
7) Create a clay poster/diorama about your book.
8) If you have another idea, please talk to me about it.

Please feel free to be creative. However, your ‘report’ needs to include the following:

• Your name. 
• Title of the book. 
• Author of the book. 
• A description of the plot of the story. Tell me what happened (key events) that led to the problem/solution of the storyline. 
• Information about the main character(s) of the story. Tell me about the character(s) traits and how the character added to your understanding of the story.

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