beat the bully write up

I need help with a Social Science question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

This write-up should pertain to class discussions (attached below are the class topics) and/or readings and should be 3-4 full pages in length, double-spaced. This will correspond to our Socialization, Marriage and Family and many overall sections in the class. Include the following in your paper:

• What would the functionalist, conflict and/or symbolic interactionist say about this type of social issue?

• How does this book relate with children/adolescents’ growing up in today’s society?

• Is there a connection with the information in the text and your own personal life history?

• How do we as a society prevent “bullying?” What ideas do you have at large regarding this topic?

• What are some main points do you take away from this?

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