BCJ 575 Terrorism and Homeland Security 1

Can you help me understand this Law question?

1. Terrorism is not just an American problem, it is also an international phenomenon. What data

(facts and statistics) from chapter one supports this assertion?


  • Textbook: Terrorism, Intelligence, and Homeland Security,
  • 2nd Edition, 2019
  • Robert W. Taylor, Charles R. SwansonPearson
  • ISBN: 9780134818146
  • Use a standard essay format for responses to all questions (i.e., an introduction, middle
  • paragraphs and conclusion).

  • Responses must be typed double-spaced, using a standard font (i.e. Times New Roman) and 12
  • point type size.

    Word count is NOT one of the criteria that is used in assigning points to writing assignments. However,

    students who are successful in earning the maximum number of points tend to submit writing assignments

    that fall in the following ranges:

    Graduate courses: 500 – 750 words per question.


    All work must be free of any form of plagiarism. Put written answers into your own words. Do not simply cut

    and paste your answers from the Internet and do not copy your answers from the textbook. Be sure to refer to

    the course syllabus for more details on plagiarism and proper citation styles.

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