Assignment: Health Policies-group assignment

Since safety and health is an important topic in this module along with project management, you will be addressing a major safety issue within organizations–gun policies in the workplace. As a group, you will set goals, set timelines and controls. Case: Midland Company has asked you to be part of a task force that is charged with the assignment of developing a new policy on the safety issue of prohibiting employees from bringing guns to work as well as preventing employees from keeping guns in their locked motor vehicle. You have volunteered to research on the Internet the current thinking of organizations across the country on this issue.

You will write a 3-minute slide-show to your colleagues on what you learned in your research. Using the Internet, locate at least three (3) websites, publications, or articles concerning current thinking of organizations across the country on guns in the workplace. Next, you will create 4 PowerPoint slides. Slides 1, 2 and 3 will contain information you learned from your research (make sure to footnote them!). Slide 4 will provide your recommendations to the task force—be specific in recommendations and tie them to your research! Create your slide show in PowerPoint using principles you learned in IT 101. If you haven’t taken this class, do a Google search for lots of information on how to create PowerPoint’s. For example, never include full paragraphs or sentences on the slides—make the slides like an outline, using the notes section for more detail. This is a group assignment. You will elect one member from your group to present Power Point slides to the class. Remember, when presenting, you are a company presenting to a client (Midland company) We will go over the assignment in class in more detail.

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