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Analysis of two different mining project and it’s relations with host communities
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Analysis of two different mining project and it’s relations with host communities There is an important role that mining companies can play in the lives of host communities. There are always positive and negative impacts of mining companies towards host communities. The positive side includes that mining can bring jobs, business activities, develops infrastructure such as school, health clinic etc. The negative side includes that mining may bring environmental pollution and other disruptions to the community. Mining companies use the land, water and other resources of the community so there may be lack of resources for community members. Gender discrimination can happen specially in developing countries because industrial activity attracts large number of men as workers and female members tend to stay at home doing all household works ( Holguin 2005). So it is very important for mining companies to negotiate and get involved with host communitiesVery good . Over time, mining’s interaction with local communities has changed. The cost of transporting bulk materials has dramatically declined and because of emergence of multinational companies, now mines can be located far from where the ores are processed. Also they have become larger and more technically complex which is decreasing employment opportunities for local people and increasingly required of skill levels workersSentence construction needs some work here to enhance clarity (SC) . At the community level, sustainable development is about meeting locally defined social, environmental and economic goals over the long term. I am going to analyse two different mining projects Karara Mining Ltd and Cannington mine regarding it’s relation with local community and I am also going to analyse contribution toward local community of these two Mining projectsThis was a good introduction . Karara Mining Ltd According to Karara Mining website(2015), Karara mining was established in 2007 through a joint venture…

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