Please read the document Last Paper first which is the background of the social issue. Than, the new assignment now is to write a 2 page paper base on the issue, find a leader about it to write.
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Smartphones – Socially Beneficial or a Vice to the Community Introduction With the release of the first cell phones, the benefits linked to mobile communication soon become very clear due to the flexibility and freedom the devices offered the user. Over the years the technology has advanced and cell phones have evolved in to powerful smartphones which deliver some outstanding functions and features. While these features are designed to deliver a better experience to the user, recent research questions the functionality and benefits linked to smartphone use among certain individuals. This is due to research showing an increasing number of people misusing the smartphone to communicate and for entertainment which is resulting in them being unproductive. With this in mind the smartphones function is being questioned in recent years with many skeptics claiming the technology to be more of a vice to social development and interaction as compared to being a benefit. What Is Causing the Misuse of Smartphones? Communication has never been easier than it is today but unlike the past when people mainly used phones to communicate formally and for business, today smartphones have converted communication to being a social affair. This has resulted in many smartphones user to communicate informally and for leisure with many getting carried away and unable to control the use of the gadgets. VoIP and internet chat application have resulted in delivering a very economical mode of communication and this has resulted in promoting people to over use the gadgets. But while this has been registered among many users, it’s important to know many people only use the programs for commercial and business communication with many considering them highly profitable (Lee, 2014).. This clearly demonstrates that smartphone users remain in ultimate control of the gadgets use, making it more of the user control rather than the gadgets fault. There is also no doubt that smartphone have helped…