assignment 2(IT 472)

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  • 1) During the analysis phase, the analyst determines the functional requirements for the
    new system. Explain what is meant by a functional requirement. What are two types of functional requirements? Give two examples of each. Also, explain what is meant by a nonfunctional requirement. What are the primary types of nonfunctional requirements? Give two examples of each. What role do nonfunctional requirements play in the project overall?
  • 2)Identify the different kinds of stakeholders and their contributions to requirements definition
  • 3)The Unified Modeling Language (UML) was accepted as the standard language
    • for object development. Give examples of a static model and a dynamic model
      in UML. How are the two kinds of models different?
    • 4)Some experts argue that object-oriented techniques are simpler for novices to understand and use than are DFDs and ERDs. Do you agree? Why or why not?

Submit a one to fourto five-page paper in APA format. exclude a cover page, abstract statement, in-text citations and references.

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