Assignment 1 Exploration of a Journal Article in Sociology Write a 450-600 word paper…

Assignment 1 Exploration of a Journal Article in Sociology

Write a 450-600 word paper (1.5 to 2 pages) in which you:
Identify your selected article in proper APA citation format.
Describe the type of article it is. In other words, is it primarily a review of existing research, or a report of new research? How can you tell? If it is a research article, what type of research was involved?
Summarize what you’ve learned about the content of the article. What were the major findings? How were they supported?
Explain how this article fits into the overall field of sociology. Identify the chapter of your textbook would this article go along with.
Explain how this article is different from articles in non-scholarly periodicals, such as magazines and newspapers. Explain any similarities.

Exploration of a Journal Article in Sociology

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This paper discusses the kind of article, which is being explored. Then it summarizes the article for discovering what main findings have been. After that it explains how the article fits in the area of sociology. Then it discusses which chapter applies to this article. Lastly it, explains how a journal article differs for a newspaper article, and what is alike.
Type of article

This article has been the review of present research, which had been done. This discusses what kind of research has been conducted. Reason why research had been done along with what had been the result of research, which had been performed (Eidelson, 2011).
Type of Research

There had been several kinds of research done for this article. In addition in this article, author feels that general outrage might change system along with anything, which causes inequality. This article had been the base off the academic research.


In this article, author pointed out problems like the inequality and outrage along with social issues as well as changes. He claim that inequality has been the cause of the most profound social issues and has been related with the diminished levels of the physical and also mental health, child well being along with social mobility (Eidelson, 2011).

In the article, I have learned that inequality has been related to levels of both the mental as well as physical health. This has been all about being unequal along with outrage broke down more boundaries for both within the groups and out of the groups. Outrage on inequality may merge straight victims of discrimination having those who find discrimination generally repugnant even if they themselves have not experienced that (Eidelson, 2011). Due to outrage, people, who have been struggling, may find methods of making ends meet. People who feel that they have been better off feel that this has not been correct for anybody to go without things like food, shelter and healthcare.

Major Findings

Findings within the article involved that shared outrage has been quite separate from the irrational anger however it might be if this comes to the things, which have been outrageous. In addition over the inequality, shared outrage has not been the populist anger along with this has been promoted also funded groups, which has shown more money along with not that several people.
How where they supported

Research that had been shown had been done through several techniques. There had been the research from questionnaire study. Research had done that included the behavioral experiment.
Fits into Field of Sociology

This article fits in the area on sociology, as this deal with the sociological theory. If this comes to the human suffering, shared outrage has not just been the emotions that we experience, other reaction has been compassion. Part of the issue has been that people tendency towards experience compassion has very limited in the breadth. Even people, who have been powerful have issues with the perspective taking.

Identify Chapter of Textbook

Based on information from article, I feel that this might fit well in chapter one of the textbook. From the sociological point of view, sociologist sees for the routine patterns in behavior of specific people. This society, which shapes our lives along with help us seeing things for what they actually have been.

Difference between Types of Articles

Scholarly articles have been reviewed through rest of the peers with expertise in area. Magazines along with newspapers have been written for majority of population. Thing, which has been same has been that they all have present information.

This paper discussed type of the article. Then it discussed what the type of research had been involved. After that it provided summary of article, what had been the findings and how they had been supported. It gave the information on how this relates to the text book as well as sociology. Finally, it described how this article is different from magazines and newspapers.


Eidelson, R. J. (2011). Inequality, Shared, Outrage, and Social Change. Peace Review: A Journal

of Social Justice, 23 , 4–11.