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Please use standard A4 size paper for your TMA. Your name, personal identifier, course and assignment numbers must appear at the top of each sheet. It is better to use double spacing so that you can easily handwrite corrections to your drafts and tutors have space to encourage with your points as you make them. Start each question or part/report in the assignment on a new page. All text should be word-processed.

Completing and sending your assignments

When you have completed your TMA, fill in a new assignment form (PT3), taking care to enter correctly your personal identifier course and assignment numbers. Keep a copy of your TMA for security. The copy that is eventually returned to you after the assessment process will have comments written on it. All assignments are treated in strict confidence.

It is very important that you ensure that your tutor receives each assignment by the cut-off date given.


Access to other sources of information such as reference books or the Internet is encouraged. You may find it interesting to look there for additional relevant information. Very short extract from published sources may be included in context but you should avoid copying significant amounts of text from other authors. You should note that whilst the internet can provide lots of information much of it is not refereed and should be treated with caution. If you take material from the course or elsewhere and incorporate it in your answer word-for-word, you must indicate where you have taken it. Not to do so it termed ‘plagiarism’ and is regarded as an infringement of copyright. To attempt to pass off such work as your own is cheating.

You must therefore acknowledge all your sources of information.

Plagiarism will lead to a loss of marks and extensive plagiarism could mean that you fail this TMA. For more information about what constitutes plagiarism or cheating, you should refer to the current Assessment Handbook.


Select an organization that requires you to act as a change agent to form an organizational change intervention within it. The selection of the organization needs to be a current existing organization locally or internationally that needs organizational change for performance improvement, sustainability or increase its profitability. In the assignment clarify your role as a change agent towards making the organizational change. As a change agent you shall present to the stakeholders the below :

Q1. A client report of about 2500 words that describes an organization that you will provide an organizational intervention. Your evaluation as a change agent should have five sections: (60 marks)

  • Background of the selected organization and organizational situation that needs organizational intervention
  • Description of your role as a change agent
  • Identification of what exactly needs to be change in the organization through using a diagnostic model
  • Discussion on the external and internal factors that are driving the need for change
  • Evaluation of the organization readiness for the change by using an assessment tool

Q2. A recommendation report of about 1000 words aimed at your client proposing the most appropriate change intervention from your exploration as a change agent within the organization. Your recommendation as a change agent should have four sections: (40 marks)

  • Discussion on the required types of change (solutions) and the rational for changes
  • Discussion on how the changes will be communicated to all stakeholders in the organization
  • Discussion on the expected resistance to change and how to overcome it
  • Discussion on how to sustain change in the organization

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