Asian Reference Questions,Complete the attached word document of Asian Reference Questions using the attached pdf that has a list of Annotated Bibliographies for different resources. For each question, select the source from the provided list where you th

The answer to the question does not have to be in the source–you just have to justify why you think it will be there. The rationales could indicate some additional reference interview questions that could help to better understand the patron’s query. The above could help to perform search and also delegate some “work” in the search process to the patron; (2) In the rationales, try to give more of explanation of your approach and strategy and less of description of the content of the sources.
Sample response:
Question 1:
What is Blanche White’s occupation?
Black Plots and Black Characters: A Handbook of Afro-American Literature. By Robert L. Southgate. New York: Gaylord Professional Publications, 1979.
Knowing that Blanche White is a fictional character, or after having discovered that she is a fictional character via a reference interview, I would check for a summary of at least one of the books in the series in Black Plots and Black Characters. If that failed, I would look for one of the books in the series, such as Blanche on the Lam, on the fiction shelf to see if the book jacket revealed the answer, or if I could find it quickly by scanning the text.

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