Articles written about “The War Against Boys”, “Signs of a Boy Crisis.”

Since the 1994 Equity in Education Act along with strong backing by the feminist movement, the American education system has focused its efforts on helping girls to succeed in school at the detriment of our boys. There are many books and articles written about “The War Against Boys”, “Signs of a Boy Crisis.”

There is a very good book written by Warren Farrell, PhD entitled, “The Boy Crisis” which would be a great reference. At any rate the research paper prompt given by my professor was to choose a a topic of interest, research it, then analyze the topic by stating a problem and offering alternative solutions. Again, I was interested in the negative effect our changing education system has on boys. Could quote statistics on lower reading scores, higher school dropout rates, declining college applications, ….higher incidence of diagnosed ADHD in boys-is it real or just a way to keep boys in line???, Why is this happening???. While its great to address the concerns of our girls it can’t be done at the expense of our boys. Need to come up with some solutions for change that will allow both boys and girls to thrive. The pendulum needs to swing more toward the middle. –perhaps address the benefits of single gender schools, offering courses that are geared more toward the different learning styles of boys and girls.I realize that perhaps there may not be a lot of information regarding the education system and how it’s negatively impacting boys in America. If the writer feels that it would be better to incorporate 1-2 other factors that could be contributing to the crisis of boys in America in addition to the education piece that would be fine too. Whatever the writer feels would make a more well-rounded research paper. 

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