Argument Research Essay: Early Draft 4-6 PAGES NEEDED

I’m trying to learn for my English class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

We will write the Argument Research Essay in three parts:

The Early Draft is first. It will have the introduction, first body paragraph, MLA formatted, and two sources, due April 23.

The second part will be the Rough Draft, which will be the entire essay including the Works Cited page, due April 30.

The last part is the Final Essay, due May 7.

Here is the prompt for the Early Draft./ 4 to 5 ½ pages, not including the Works Cited page

Prompt: Select a social topic that you care enough about to research and write an essay on. Form an opinion on the topic that will be your thesis statement. In your essay, provide at least four reasons or claims to defend your argument. Find at least four articles/sources on your topic. Your sources may come from Google (topic + Scholarly Articles), regular Google, or the Library Databases. Do not use Wikipedia. You may use more than four articles. Create an MLA formatted Works Cited page which includes all of your sources.

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