Applied Research and Biostatistics: Critical Review Form.

Eams and Hoffman Paper is to be criticied. I have attached examples and rubric. Please follow the questions in the rubric. Each answer should not exceed the limit of 100 words. Please follow the lecture guide as a reference and understanding.
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Applied Research and Biostatistics: Critical Review Form Student Name: Student Number: Instructions: Use tab or arrow keys to move between fields, mouse or spacebar to check/uncheck boxes. CITATION Provide the full citation for this article in APA 6th format: Masharani, U., Serchan, P., Schloetter, M., Stratford, S., Xiao, A., Sevastian, A., Nolte Kennedy, M., & Frassetto, L. (2015). Metbaolic and physiologic effects from consuming a hunter-gatherer (Paleolithic)-type diet in type 2 diabetes. Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1-5. http://dx. 10.1038/ejcn.2015.39 STUDY AIMS AND 1.Outline hypothesis of the study. HYPOTHESIS There will be beneficial metabolic effects from consuming a Paleo-style diet Was the aims compared with an American Diabetic Association (ADA) style diet in type 2 stated clearly? diabetics. Yes 2. Outline aims of the study. No To establish if there are beneficial health effects relating to insulin sensitivity and lipid profiles in type 2 diabetics following a Paleolithic style diet compared to an ADA style diet. LITERATURE REVIEW Justify the need for this study: Was relevant background The authors explain that external factors such as diet are important in the literature reviewed? mechanisms which lead to abnormalities such as those found in type 2 Yes diabetes and that the diet also has an effect on the physiological condition No of the patient and their metabolic processes. These factors are also used to justify the concept of a diet more suited to our evolution, such as the Paleolithic diet. Further to this, a short-term study concluded that blood pressure and weight loss improvements were associated with the Paleo diet but without any carbohydrate and lipid metabolism outcomes. Another more long-term study reported that comparisons between the Paleo and Mediterranean diets showed improvements in glucose excursion. Neither of these studies had controlled the diet of the participants nor did they control…

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