Answer 10 questions

I’m working on a Marketing exercise and need support.

You are required to write an essay and incorporate all 10 questions below.

Your paper should be 1 ½ 2 full pages, single-spaced and use 12 fonts.

You to read the chapters thoroughly and do some research.

Writing an informative paper is what I would like to you do.

You are required to write more than one or two sentences when you are asked to discuss something. Cutting and Pasting is grounds for an F.

1. What is meant by environment responsibility? Give an example

2. Discuss the five (5) different types of consumer products and give examples of each? The 5 different types of consumer products are: 1. Consumer Products. 2. Convenience products 3. Shopping Products 4. Specialty Products and

5. Unsought Products

3. The macroenvironment has 6 major actors. They are: 1. Demographic

2. Economic3. Natural environment4. Technological 5. Political

6. Culture or Soci-Culture.

Briefly define each one of the factors above and give an example of each.

4. What is digital and social media marketing? List at least 5 examples

5. Discuss and list 3-4 facts for each of the following groups:

1. The Baby Boomers. 2. Millennials. 3.Generzation Z

6. There are five (5) types of customer markets. List and briefly discuss each market.

7. What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and discuss why this is important for a company to master this concept.

8. Define the “marketing concept, marketing exchange, cause related marketing, social responsibility and target market.

9. What is the definition of positioning? Find 3 companies and discuss how they have positioned their product to consumers. For example: Rolex has positioned their watch as a high-end product, a status symbol, or upscale product.

10. List and briefly describe the eight steps (8) of the New Product Development Process on page 257. The 8 steps include: 1. Idea Generation 2. Idea Screening 3. Concept development and testing 4. Marketing strategy development 5. Business analysis 6. Product development 7. Test marketing and Commercialization.

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