Analysis of Tourism in a Country “Thailand”

Analysis of Tourism in a Country Paper (200 points) chose Thailand as the project for this paper. Section 1: Mini Overview of Country Geographic Description, Government/Industry, Demographics, State of Development, Social Issues (1 page minimum) Section 2: Overview of Tourism Visitors/Inbound Tourism Stats, Domestic vs. Inbound Tourism, Entry/Exit Costs, Safety of Travel, Types of Tourism (from our lesson), Specific Major Attractions (1 page, minimum) Section 3: Tourism Opportunities & Barriers Opportunities/Resources and Barriers/Threats to Tourism Including Physical, Cultural & Social, and Environmental Impacts (3/4 page, minimum) Section 4: Tourism Personal Perspectives on NameofCountry’s Tourism Using “I” tense (the only section of this paper where this is permitted), discuss whether you are more or less interested in traveling to this country as a tourist. Why or why not? What did you learn that impressed or concerned you? Provide a ‘clever’ and thought provoking final thought about this country’s tourism.

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