Analysis of BI case studies – Report


Outline of assignment (what is required/what is within the report)

Discuss brief overview of case study with implementation of BI/BI software they used.

Analysis of case study:

Discuss why the business opted to use BI technology (their goals). NHS wanted to provide high-quality service and cost-effective care. Nationwide wants to lower fraud losses for customers.

Use of DIKAR for both case study:

Data: Discuss the data used by both the companies to achieve the desired result. NHS input data from different department to create a standardize formatting.

Nationwide created set of rules to monitor data coming from different sources within the company.  

Information: Discuss what information they have gain from the data. NHS analyses data to gain deeper understanding of healthcare/patient needs.

Nationwide used SAS to flag records/transactions that met the rules they set. The information can then be closely examined.

Knowledge: Discuss what knowledge they received from data. NHS found different factors relating to patients (shared factors), such as unplanned visits to facilities, usage of hospital beds and treatments given.

Nationwide fraud analytics can look more focus flagged queries to ensure if it is legitimate.  

Action: Discuss action taken to meet goal; NHS created new proposal to improve health care based on information given (such as targeted care for a specific group), resulting in reduced cost.

Nationwide can inform customers about fraud/stop fraud from happening via the query getting picked up by the system.

Results: What results using the BI software produce for both companies?

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