Analysis of Alternatives

Below are the details of assignment. The assignment uses a previous assignment to create the Decision memo. I will attach that assignment, it is entitled Analysis of Alternatives. The source being used is Making Smart Cuts, Lessons from the 1990s Budget Front. Wrtitten by Booz, Allen, and Hamilton, September 2011.

Public Administration Theory and Practice Guide to Writing a Decision Memo Definition of Decision Memo Decision memos (or policy memos) are written reports to provide analyses or recommendations regarding certain topics or issues to the audience. In general, decision memos are needed within a short-period of time (within few weeks), the audience needs quick and accurate information in order to make an informed decision. Therefore, the memos should inform the audience in a concise, organized, and professional manner, while still including the most relevant content. Fundamentals Style and Tone  Brevity: Try the best to be concise in delivering key information.  Clarity: Memos are read by “uninformed but intelligent” senior officials. Be direct, specific, consistent, and avoid jargon or highly academic language.  Objectivity: The memos should include multiple perspectives that address the strengths and weaknesses of all policy options. Length/Margin/Font  Single-spaced, no more than 5 pages with a 1-inch margin  Time New Roman Structure

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