An article for people that live in Las Vegas. To tell them why Las Vegas is great! This magazine is.

An article for people that live in Las Vegas. To tell them why Las Vegas is great! This magazine is for people who live here. To remind them why being a resident is a good thing.
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Living In Las Vegas. In terms of ranking done by the U.S. News which analyzes all the metro areas in the United States to find the best place to live in terms of quality of life, Las Vegas gets an overall of 6.3. Las Vegas is relatively the cheapest major city to live in when it comes to housing cost. There are affordable options for people who wish to change locations for rent rather than buying of homes. The average monthly rent is comparatively low as compared to other areas as well as general low costs of living which is slightly below average. This is possible because people living in Las Vegas have a lot of disposable income. Additionally, Nevada is one among the seven states with no state income taxes, therefore residents enjoy such opportunities to make life more enjoyable. Summers in Las Vegas is the only uncomfortable season whereas the rest of the year is fairly conducive allowing residents to explore many areas including the national parks. Therefore this weather characterized by constant sun with little humidity as well as lack of snow is more appealing to a large percentage of the population in Las Vegas. Having been located in the middle of a desert, Las Vegas has got beautiful natural features with beautiful sceneries in various places. The red rock canyons which are the world most famous rock climbing destination are some of the features present in the outskirts of the city. There is a lot of opportunities for employment in Las Vegas especially to the young generation with several tech companies having been located in Las Vegas over the recent years. A good number of entrepreneurs have preferred this city for business startups. According to research, the city has been named one of the best cities for startups in the year 2015. Entertainment in Las Vegas is so advanced. There are comedy shows, lounge shows convections, T&A shows, among others.

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