AHIMA Code of Ethics Case Study

Assignment 12.1: AHIMA Code of Ethics Case Study AHIMA Code of Ethics Case Study Objective Outline key points in the AHIMA Code of Ethics Assignment Overview In this writing assignment, you will explore key points in the AHIMA Code of Ethics. Deliverable A one-page (250-word) paper A PowerPoint of no more than 3 pages demonstrating your findings to be presented in class via GoToMeeting. Step 1 Use the Internet to research an unethical coding case. Use the Internet to find a coding case or article about a coding incident that failed to meet ethical standards. Step 2 Write a paper summarizing the case. Summarize the case, and be sure to add the case year, the nature of the coding incident, the consequence, and any other pertinent information. Also, answer the following questions in your paper: Using your knowledge of the AHIMA Code of Ethics, what was the unethical part of the incident in the article and why? Identify the wrongdoing, and correct it using the points in the AHIMA Code of Ethics. Using this case as an example, why is AHIMA so important to ethics and industry standards? What are your thoughts on ethics and coding? Be sure to properly cite any resources used. Step 3 Save and submit your assignment. When you have completed the assignment, save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place and submit a copy to your instructor using the dropbox. Step 4 On assigned date, present and discuss your findings. .

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