active bigotry, racial stereotyping and microagressions,

Paper details Using either a journal or newspaper article(s), find an empirical (“real life”) example to which you can apply the theoretical model to a particular expression of racism in society. Then respond to the following prompts: • Introduction: Briefly summarize the issue or event. • Literature Review: Provide and summarize the sociological definition and/or theory of the type of racism you selected. o To complete this section, you must use the articles assigned on the course schedule corresponding to the type of racism selected to summarize the theoretical model.  Example: If you select “active bigotry” as your subject of study, you must summarize the “theoretical model” of active bigotry by using the readings on the course schedule under the heading “active bigotry”. • Analysis 1: Provide an analysis of how the issue you select is representative of the type of racism. • Analysis 2: What are the implications of the issue? How does this issue affect the larger society (ex. neighborhood, city, country, etc.)? Does this issue have a positive or negative effect on the construction of the racial group in society? • Conclusion: How has reading this article with a sociological lens affected your understanding of race and racism?

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