Accounting of Financial Institutions

I’m stuck on a Accounting question and need an explanation.

1-Describe the followings in your own words:

AWhat is Fair Value Accounting?

BWhat Is Fair Market Value Accounting? How the FASB is going to standardize the calculation of financial instruments by looking at their historical cost?

2- What do you mean by loan loss provision? Why Does a Loan Loss Provision Matter? Andhow does a loan loss provision work?

3- How to differentiate liquid risk and Credit Risk with reference to the financial economics sector and how the interest rate risk make an impact on the economy?

4- contrast fair value method vs amortized cost method and explain how they are working?

5-discuss the recent trends in the banking industry?

6-Banks are working with higher financial leverage, discuss this statement explaining how is capital adequacy ratio being calculated in Saudi banks?

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