A Damn Good and Lively Intro

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A Damn Good and Lively Intro:

This week’s writing exercise will be a continued application of what we covered in class, and provide you with practice writing a “vivid and engaging” opening.

250-300 Words

Write a sample introductory paragraph for your final paper. Write a vivid and engaging opening that tells a specific story related to your topic. If you like, introduce the framing device you are contesting and propose your alternate, preferred frame. Supply the big picture stuff that we generally see in introductory paragraphs. This “stuff” can be conveyed via personal experience, metaphor, or by any manner you see fit. OR, you may choose to start with a hypothetical situation which somehow demonstrates the frame you are addressing. Employ two of the sentence types required for the final essay: statement of fact with granular details, and passive voice. Indicate each of these sentences by highlighting or bolding them, with an indication as to what type of sentence it is in parentheses.

  • For example: “The Governor’s speech was delayed an additional month while further policy details were finalized.” (passive voice)

In addition, to the best of your ability, employ the following

  1. Facts (the five Ws)
  2. Imagery (the five senses)
  3. An appeal to the reader’s emotions (or the cause of them).
  4. Give your sentences life

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