5. Nutrition – Module 11 Discussion Board,6. Diet and Health – Module 12 Discussion Board,4. Minerals in the body.

Vitamins or vitamin-rich foods?  Please make a case for which of the two you think is the most effective way to get vitamins.  Please make the case for whether a person should consume their vitamins as supplements or from foods that contain these vitamins.  You should review the information in the Highlight in Chapter 10, begins on page 331 “Vitamin and Mineral Supplements” before attempting to respond to this question.  Please respond in at least 300 words and reply to two of your classmates.  If your discussion is less than 300 words, you will lose points.

For at least 2 minerals, please list the RDA for men and women, chief function in the body, deficiency symptoms, toxicity symptoms and significant sources.  (2) After looking at your diet, are you at risk of any of these deficiency, tell me why or why not?  Please reply to at least 2 of your classmates.  You should try to copy and paste this table into your discussion board, it will make it easier to grade

Timely assessment of someone needing nutritional support is essential.  Please explain the nutritional differences between breast milk, infant formula and cow’s milk.  These differences could include the energy-yielding nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  Which do you think is superior, explain using data why you feel the way you do.  Please refer to Chapter 16 to help you formulate your responses.  You may also use outside sources

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