I need 4 PPT the paper is already written and i have attached it

Can you help me understand this Powerpoint question?


Type of service:
Power Point Presentation

Double spacing

Paper format:

Number of slides:
4 slides

Number of sources:
0 source

Paper detalis:

I will upload the paper that is already written. I want 4 PowerPoint slides with 8-10 bullet points on each slide that reflects the substance of the paper. I will also upload the PowerPoint template that I want you to use. Please use the references from the paper.

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Ethics Term Paper

I need support with this English question so I can learn better.

This week you will write a 6-page term paper. The options for the topic of this term paper are:

  1. Brittney Maynard Case (physician assisted suicide)
  2. Organ transplants
  3. Elder abuse

The following questions must be addressed in your paper:

  1. Discuss at least 2 examples of each of the following – medical, legal and ethical issues
  2. Is there an opportunity for an ethics committee to be involved, reflect on why or why not? What would an ethics committee’s perspective be on this topic if one was involved?
  3. Discuss the impact on Healthcare and/or the community.
  4. Provide your personal reflection. After researching this topic how has it altered your knowledge, attitudes or beliefs?

Please use the headings below to organize your paper:

  • Introduction
  • Medical issues
  • Ethical issues
  • Legal issues
  • Perspectives from an ethics committee
  • Impact on Healthcare and local community
  • Reflection
  • Conclusion

You must cite at least 6 references in APA format. Use the Purdue OWL (Links to an external site.) as a resource as well as the APA Paper Template for assistance. References can be from your text or assigned readings, journal articles or other sources. At least 3 of these sources must be peer-reviewed. The paper is to be completed in APA format (this includes title and reference page, headers, page numbers,margins, font, headings, and spacing). As well as a well-developed Body, your paper needs to have the following:

  • Title Page
  • Introduction (5-6 sentences about the topic in general as well as the purpose of the paper)
  • Body (see topics above)
  • Conclusion (summarizing your paper)
  • Reference Page
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I need a Final draft for my rough draft essay ( 900-1500 words )

Can you help me understand this Political Science question?

I will attach the rough draft essay in the attachments and please I need you to do small changes only on the paper,

I had some feedback and I need to do these changes , the feedback about my rough draft is :

– The draft is underdeveloped and not written in an essay format.

– You can expand this by talking about the sides diplomatic relations as well as business and other relations. You can enrich this by citing statements from officials of both sides that can shed light on how each side see the conflict.

so I need to talk more about the diplomatic relations as well as business and other relations in both countries ( UAE and Iran )

The assignment sources are : the sources should be 7 , 4 news or online articles and the rest 3 sources are books.

so if you want to change one of the sources please make sure to replace it with a reliable source, for ex: you changed a book source and decided to cite another source, it should be a book too cuz I have to get at least 4 book sources in this essay. The same with the articles or the news sources. If you want to add sources to the paper please make sure its reliable sources, Also I will attach some of the sources that are recommended from the instructor in this class.

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Strategic Management–Analysis a company

Help me study for my Management class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Choosing an SME (small-medium-sized enterprise), however selecting an SBU of larger corporation is also fine, provided there is access to data on the focal organization.

Please look at the document! Please look at the document! (See the attachment for specific requirements)

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What new procedures and technologies are the Alberta Tar Sand organizations are doing to improve its climate change / environment awareness and debunk the negative stigma that surrounds the industry.

Need help with my Psychology question – I’m studying for my class.

The paper should explore topics such developing technologies, and current research to improve the tar sand climate change awareness. * An appropriately formatted report including; cover page, introduction, body, conclusion, references. *

The APA documentation style is required for all in-text citations and the reference list. *

The group report should not exceed 8 pages; cover page and reference list NOT included. * Document formatting: * Doubled space, no extra line spaces between paragraphs (indent paragraphs to show paragraph breaks). * Please use a reader-friendly 12-pt. font (Times New Roman, Calibri etc.). Use 1″ margins. * Use page numbering, but suppress on the title page. * Proofread carefully for proper grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and overall assignment coherence and unity

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Media and Sexuality – a Real Life Experience

I don’t understand this Health & Medical question and need help to study.

A UCI student, Alice, experienced a situation in which a photograph of herself was photoshopped by a photographer. Her description of the incident and the pictures are below:

“Just last week we discussed the media and how photographers alter and photoshop women to fit this standardized idea of beauty that we have fabricated in our minds – so imagine how I felt when I received a photo back that was completely dismorphed beyond what looked like me.

My eyes were enlarged, my hair was colored, my lips were made fuller and my face was slimmed down.

The odd girl I looked at in the photo was not me at all.

The photo on the left is with a photographer that does lifestyle shoots and keeps things natural. That is what I look like. The left is the editorial shoot with a different photographer that altered my face.”


For your discussion:

1. Is it acceptable for photographer’s to use digital tools to alter their subjects’ appearance (e.g. Photoshop, filtering apps)?

1a. How is this different (or similar) to photographer’s using lighting or makeup to get the image they desire?

2. What message(s) are being conveyed by the alteration of a person’s likeness? Do you think there are similarities or differences when it comes to gender? (Are images of men altered as well, and if so, how?)

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Emerging Threats & Countermeas

I need an explanation for this Article Writing question to help me study.

In today’s world, both government and the private sector are struggling to provide a secure, efficient, timely, and separate means of delivering essential services internationally. As a result, these critical national infrastructure systems remain at risk from potential attacks via the Internet.

It is the policy of the United States to prevent or minimize disruptions to the critical national information infrastructure in order to protect the public, the economy, government services, and the national security of the United States.The Federal Government is continually increasing capabilities to address cyber risk associated with critical networks and information systems.

Please explain how you would reduce potential vulnerabilities, protect against intrusion attempts, and better anticipate future threats.

The discussion should in own words with at lest 250 words and no plagiarism.

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Complete Easy Word Microsoft Task (NEW)

I’m working on a Computer Science exercise and need support.

Computer Applications for Business – Week 1 Assignment

MS Word Flyer

Your boss at Gingham Travel has asked you to prepare a flyer that promotes its business. You prepare the flyer shown below. Hint: Remember, if you make a mistake while formatting the flyer, you can use the Undo button on the Quick Access Toolbar to undo your last action.

Start with a new document in Microsoft Word online. A template is not allowed for this assignment.

NOTE: You will not use files from the textbook for the pictures. You will insert online pictures. Office 365 does not have page border functionality as seen in the image below, adding a border is not part of the assignment steps or grading criteria.

1.Run Word. Type the flyer text, unformatted. If Word flags any misspelled words as you type, check their spelling and correct them.

2.Save the document using the file name CS155Week1lastnamefirstname. Ensure that you use your lastname and firstname.

3.Add bullets to the four paragraphs shown in the figure. Center all paragraphs, except the paragraphs containing the bulleted list.

4.Change the font size of both lines in the headline to 48 point. Change the font of the first line in the headline to Ravie, or a similar font, and the second line in the headline to Arial Rounded MT Bold, or a similar font. Change the font color of the first line to any color green. Change the text highlight color of the second line to any shade of green using either of these two buttons ( or and then change the font color to white.

5.Change the font of all text below the headline to Arial Rounded MT Bold. Change the font size of the company name to 28 point, the company address to 24 point, and the bulleted list and signature line to 22 point.

6.Change the color of the company name and address to a different color of your choice. Underline the company name.

7.Italicize the word, and, in the first bulleted paragraph.

8.Bold the word, Discounted, in the second bulleted paragraph. Change the color of this same word to a different color of your choice.

9.Change the text highlight color of the signature line to any shade of green and then change the font color to white. Also change the word “us” in your signature line to your first name.

10.Change the zoom so that the entire page is visible in the document window.

11.You will insert online pictures. Insert two online pictures on the same blank line below the headline. To do this go to insert menu and then online pictures. Do a search for vacation or another suitable term to find pictures of your choice related to topic.

12.Resize the pictures, if necessary, so that they fit on the same line. Add space as necessary between the two pictures.

13.Change the spacing before and after the paragraph containing the company name to 0 pt, the spacing after the company address to 12 pt, and the spacing before the signature line to 12 pt. The entire flyer should fit on a single page. If it flows to two pages, resize the pictures or decrease spacing before and after paragraphs until the entire flyer text fits on a single page.

14.Center all page content(including pictures) except bulleted list using Control A for select all and the center button in home tab or Control E

15.Whenever the word “Gingham” is used replace it with your last name.

16.Save file again so changes are saved. Submit the document by attaching the file to week 1 area for submission. Do not paste the document in the submission area.

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how does a your gender impact reaching managerial positions pay rate and experiences including mentorship

I’m working on a Writing exercise and need support.

you must write a 10 page research paper on management following the strict guidelines bellow! cannot be plagiarized!!!!

how does a your gender impact reaching managerial positions pay rate and experiences including mentorship

MUST BE ON woman achieving a managerial position but having to put work before family where as men don’t need to do that. Focus a lot more on the employment and how there is a list of woman who where forced to take part in unwanted sexual activities to go up the latter and if they refused they got black listed.

I have provided with the sample paper below to assist you. this paper is only a guid it is not complete please do not plagiarize.

Content of the information must be 10 pages long Plus a title page and references. Any rule that is not addressed in the file attached or written here must be followed through the most recent APA formatting!

You will find 10 peer-reviewed journal articles and based entire paper off of that. You will have four hypotheses these will be before most important questions which will be addressed in the paper it will be answered through the peer-reviewed articles! Must be answered buy a peer reviewed article!


statement of problem: use quotes that experts use or paraphrase

Literature review:(MUST HAVE ALL 10 ARTICLES) 1st hypothesis have 2-3 articles related to it and talk about how the articles are similar and how they are different also summarize 2nd hypothesis have 2-3 articles related to it and talk about how the articles are similar and how they are different also summarize 3rd hypothesis have 2-3 articles related to it and talk about how the articles are similar and how they are different also summarize 4th hypothesis have 2-3 articles related to it and talk about how the articles are similar and how they are different also summarize.

Theory: you don’t have to invent a theory. Restate the problem and how to solve it! Same place as the statement of problem in the peer-reviewed articles.

Hypothesis: four most important questions that must be addressed in the paper. are from the article! make it a quotation if you must.

Methodology: The following paper utilizes 10 pear review scholarly journal articles to adjudicate 4 hypothesis. The following key terms : _________________________ were used to search the following Csun Oviatt Library data bases:_________________________. The following journals were used:___________________ (do not repeat the journal name)______.

Findings: this is basically a scorecard you would write down who won for example you cite your peer-reviewed articles all 10 of them and you write down which ones supports your hypotheses and which ones didn’t.

Discussion: talk about the article this is where you will write three pages regarding the subject all the similarities all the differences answer all the hypotheses all the juice goes in here!

Conclusion: must find 5! five! sociodemographic or sociopsychological problems that were not addressed by the 10 articles that you have chosen.

Reference page: all 10 articles

Standard Paper strict rules on length

Abstract 0.5 pages

Statement of Problem 0.5 pages

Literature Review 3 pages

Theory 0.5 pages

Hypotheses0.5 pages

Methodology0.5 pages

Findings 1 pages

Discussion 3 pages

Conclusion 0.5 pages

Total Pages 10 pages

simply a clasmates paper do not copy just ataching it to givve you an idea of what its suposed to look like

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