AMST 100 Discussion Post

I’m trying to learn for my Article Writing class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Now that you’ve done your fieldwork at the grocery store to gather information, you need to write a post analyzing your findings. The point of these posts is to expand and further analyze some of the questions you answered in the Supermarket Field Research handout as well as the ones asked below. Your analysis should focus on race, ethnicity, and also can focus on gender in the products that you found in the grocery store and you MUST make an argument as to whether or not you think these radicalized/gendered images help or do not help sell the products they are on. For this post, please focus on one SPECIFIC product (if you focused on more than one on your handout.) Be sure to upload a photo or two that you took while doing your research so your fellow classmates can see what you’re talking about. 10 points

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Two short answer questions on nutrition education

I need help with a Health & Medical question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Answer the two questions below in about 250 words each with accurate information addressing the question.

1. Why is nutrition education needed? Consider in your response factors that affect food choice and behavior at each level of influence as described in the Social Ecological Model, and include specific examples to support your answer.

2. Modifiable influences of food choice and behavior are targets to address through nutrition education. Describe a modifiable influence of an individual’s behavior that poses a risk to their health. Provide an example of a specific behavior change goal that the individual could set, and activities that would help them to achieve this goal.

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Statement of Operations and Financial Statements

I’m studying for my Health & Medical class and need an explanation.

Submit written responses to these questions.

  1. List several efforts that have been enacted by payors to control costs.
  2. Explain the ramifications of allowing/disallowing an individual to be able to sue his or her HMO.
  3. What are each of the financial statements commonly called in for-profit health care organizations and in not for-profit care organizations?

The following questions relate to the statement of operations of not for-profit health care organizations.

  1. What is the analogous for-profit statement called? What are the main sections of the statement of operations?
  2. What are revenues, gains, and other support?
  3. What are expenses and losses?
  4. Funds released from restricted net assets to unrestricted net assets are presented in what section of the statement of revenue, expenses and other activities?

The following questions relate to the statement of changes in net assets.

  1. What is the traditional name for this statement?
  2. What is the purpose of this statement?
  3. What are the main sections of this statement?
  4. Discuss the difference between permanently restricted and temporarily restricted net assets.

The following questions relate to the statement of cash flows of a not-profit health care organization.

  1. What are its main sections?
  2. What is the purpose of this statement?
  3. Where in the financial statements would there be important explanatory information?
  4. In what financial statement would one identify the purchase of long-term investments?
  5. How does the accrual basis of accounting differ from the cash basis of accounting?
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Make a powerpoint on any book

I’m working on a Powerpoint question and need guidance to help me study.


Your task in this presentation is to tell us why you chose the book, what it’s about – including a


synopsis –and to engage us in your own investment in the book and, finally, respond to

audience questions. Classmates are encouraged to ask questions and to give comments.


The purpose of this assignment is to support the metacognitive learning objective of the course

syllabus and of the major, “to be able to reflect more clearly about your own intellectual

development.” Additionally, this assignment supports Seattle University and IDLS major objectives in giving you

an opportunity to develop your communication skills, independent decision-making and




: The presentation will be 20 minutes, which may include an additional 5 minutes for

student question and response. No presentation can exceed 25 minutes. Timing in presentations

is a professional skill worth practicing. In this case, you do


want to spend up all your minutes

giving plot summary. You must do this briefly and spend the majority of your time drawing us

into engagement with the book (and your choice of it).

Specific Criteria


Your grade will be based on




. Criteria include but

are not limited to the following.


: Do practice runs to nail this criterion.

Realistic time planning – Are you prepared to work within the time constraints?

Sensible arrangement of content – did you leave in and leave out the right stuff?

Know your stuff – Are you prepared to talk intelligently or are you winging it?


: Do practice runs to nail this criterion.

Time management/information pacing – Are you rushing? Have nothing to say?

Audience connection – Have you attempted to engage the audience?

Question response – Are you dismissive or gracious? Do you give thoughtful answers?

Style – Do you speak clearly, have eye contact, confidence, good comportment, etc.?

SELF EVALUATION PROMPTS (answer both, at least 75 words each – this must be submitted by the

next class session on Canvas):

From my perspective: What I did well… (75 words) AND What I could have done better… (75


Writing on how it went for you creates common ground between yourself and the professor. It is OK

to be honest in this self-evaluation. Even the most anxious students tend to do well grade-wise on

presentations if they have taken the whole process seriously.

LATENESS in submission results in a


Do submit your self-evaluation

on Canvas by next class session

Do a dry run

of your presentation several times

Do use notes

or note-cards to cue your points, but don’t just read

Do keep the presentation



Do have fun


Do not read

your presentation to us. Use notes if you like, but don’t just read them to

us. Look at us. Are you just going put your head down and read your notes the whole


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Please answer ONE out of the 3 questions below.

I’m working on a Marketing exercise and need support.

Please answer ONE out of the 3 questions below.

there will be ONE page in total.

The format is 12 point font, single spaced, and 1′ margin.

Q1. According to David P. Baron’s article, “Integrated Strategy: Market and Non-market Components,” the non-market environment is characterized by four “I”s. What are these four “I”s? What is Michael E. Porter’s five force analysis and how does it play a role in market and non-market strategies? Why can companies employ non-market assets to add value?

Q2. Based on “Korean Development and Western Economics,” “Daewoo and the Korean Chaebol,” and “Wall Street Journal (December 8, 1997)” articles, please provide your personal opinions about the continuous debate between East and West on which economical system is better.

Q3. Michael E. Porter developed the “Diamond System” to challenge classical economists’ thoughts (e.g., David Ricardo’s). What are the differences among classical economists’ thoughts (western thoughts), Michael E. Porter’s thoughts (western thoughts), and Asian 4 Tigers’ methods of rapid economical growth (eastern thoughts)? Also, “fit” is the key reason for South Korea’s success during the 1963-1993 period of time. What does it mean?

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Business Law Memorandum – Contractual

Help me study for my Law class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

The Cardigan family has made a name for themselves in the sweater industry whereby they have designed sweaters for a variety of uses and for a wide target audience ranging from toddlers to business professionals. Cassandra, whom everyone calls Cassie, is the CEO of CARDWARE Inc., Camoni is the spokesperson for the sweater line, and Candie models the lines in the professional sphere. They often use their mother, Camille, as a business consultant for input about various new ideas and marketing because she was the manager and agent of her son’s glove company. Cora and Caley, Camille’s two youngest daughters from her second failed marriage to Bo Jenkins, are co-office managers of their headquarters located in Silkadonia.

Camille has developed a good network among those in the fashion industry, especially the seamstresses who have been hired by well-known celebrities. One day, Camille spoke with Sonya, the owner and Lead Seamstress for Shazam Clothing Industries. Shazam is a leading manufacturer of unique limited edition clothes in Silkadonia. Camille presented Sonya with her order to sew a limited number (500) of hot pink and black machine knitted sweaters with a matching knit hat. Each sweater was to have a number and Candie Cardigan’s signature on a label sewn onto the bottom right side of the sweater. The hats would have the same label with matching number to its sweater, but sewn on the right side of the turned up hat cuff. Sonya agreed to make each sweater and hat pair for $100. Camille’s plan was to sell each set for $300 thereby making a $200 profit per set. While discussing the type of yarn to be used, Sonya’s cell phone rang. Sonya pushed a piece of paper and a color palette towards Camille and whispered “write the type of yarn you want used and exact dye lots” and I will begin work on this right away. Camille did as requested, but forgot to give Sonya the traditional 25% down payment. The down payment has always been used to purchase the materials.

Sonya completed production of all 500 sweaters in record time and has presented Camille with an invoice for payment for the same. At the bottom of the invoice, the words, “Payment Due Upon Receipt” were written. Camille changed her mind about wanting the sweaters and hats, as she decided that the items would not be as profitable as originally anticipated. Sonya now comes to the law firm you work for, P. Strami, and Hammond, Attorneys at Law, and wants to know if she has any recourse. Attorney Strami hands you the following instructions and asks that you draft a memorandum to him incorporating your research.

Dear Paralegal:

Please prepare a 2–3-page double-spaced memorandum in size 12 Times New Roman font discussing the following in the order presented:

  • Please determine whether or not a contract has been formed using the basic contract principles of offer, acceptance, and consideration. State whether or not any of the crucial parts of the initial offer may be missing.
  • Further, please research whether or not Camille and Sonya’s prior course of dealings has an impact on the parties’ communications and whether or not Sonya would be successful against CARDWARE Inc. should a breach of contract lawsuit be brought against her.
  • Be sure to include intext citations as you integrate your research to support your position on whether or not a contract has been formed.
  • Do not forget to provide your legal research within your memorandum. You may use case law to make comparisons, your textbook, and reliable Internet research to provide in-text citations for your work. Do not use Wikipedia.
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please answers these questions Csis 110

I need help with a Excel question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

please answers these questions and follow the instructions below


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Write a report (700-900) words on a natural park you visited this semester in Florida. Contain details.

I don’t know how to handle this Environmental Science question and need guidance.

Comment on the plant and animal life and the type of management the site is under (is it a park, private land, state land?). Who takes care of the land, volunteers, paid personal, state workers, etc. Are there native or exotic species on the property and is there anything in place to control/protect them? (Just some ideas of things I like to see addressed, but add to it as you wish) Pictures are great, but not required. You may choose any state, county, or city park. Private property is also fine as long as you have permission to be on it. (For a list of local FL state parks go to (Links to an external site.)). If you are out of state, then find your state’s list of parks. They all have them. Please double space your paper. Zoos, water parks, theme parks etc. are not good choices for this assignment.

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calculus 2 activities

I need help with a Calculus question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Learning is a personal, interactive process that results in greater expertise and a more comprehensive understanding of the world.

  • Apply and create experiments and projects which integrate the use of calculus in problem solving
  • Take responsibility for accessing and using a variety of sources for assistance in learning about mathematics, such as on-line tutorials, visiting the math center, meeting with the instructor during office hours etc.
  • Apply problem solving and mathematical modeling to real situations
  • Integrate technology into problem solving as a tool to support and complement the theoretic approach
  • Participate in groups to solve real problems
  • Select the most effective integration technique to solve a given problem
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    this ia a research paper please pay a lot of attention

    I’m trying to study for my Sociology course and I need some help to understand this question.

    already finished exercise1 2&3

    only need to do the last part proposal paper

    Final Paper –You will submit an approximately 16 page paper based on your critical analyses and synthesis of empirical studies, and proposed project to further investigate your research topic. The paper will include the following: I. Introduction II. Literature Review III. Method and Data Analysis proposal V. Discussion and Conclusions. Detailed guidelines are provided following.


    1. The final course paper is to be approximately sixteen pages, double-spaced, typewritten paper. See Writing Guidelines for specifics. It will be structured as outlined below.
    2. References. A minimum of six references of empirical studies on your topic as specified in Exercise 1.
    3. Format. The paper is to be written in ASA style in three ways:
    1. Bibliographic references at end of paper
    2. Use of references in text
    3. Use of headings – major headings are centered and in capital letters, sub-headings are in lower case letters, underlined, and to the left side.

    should be 20 pages long

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