2 simple problems, ciphers (python) and create personal webpage HTML

I need help with a Python question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

File with codes will be provided.

Question 1:


Copy all the python from the previous section into a file called caesar.py and then write a loop at the bottom to try every possible key in the Caesar cipher to decrypt the secret_message.. Use the function caesar_decrypt(encrypted_text,key) and print the strings it returns in the loop. Many of them will look like gibberish such as decoding using the keys 1 and 2 which should give the messages

However, one of the keys should give a decrypted message that looks like actual English and it is the answer. Print out which key is used to try the decryption so you’ll be able to determine the secret key for future use.

You can do this by hand if you like, but it’s much faster to use Python in a loop to perform this brute force attack to try every possible key.

What to put in your HW Write-up

Show the python code for the loop you used to do your brute force attack and try every possible key Show the key that you determined decrypted the mesage
Show the decrypted message text


Info will be provided.

Create a personal web page in a file called hw5.html.
For full credit your web page should have all of the following things in it

  1. A proper title in the title bar using the <title> tags
  2. Your full name
  3. Display your major and insert a link to your department’s home page. For example, if you are a Biology major,include a link to the GMU Biology department’s website and the text to display will be Biology.
  4. A picture of yourself, preferably one in which your face is visible, you are fully clothed, and that is anappropriate size. Make sure to keep the picutre in the same local folder as the hw5.html file, or the page won’tbe able to load it.
  5. A short paragraph on your interests (“When I’m not studying I like to…”, “I really enjoy … and …”).
  6. A list of 3 things you have learned so far in CS 100. This list must be a numbered list coded in HTML using the<ol> tag.

What to put in your HW Write-up

Once you have your hw5.html finished, show it in the web browser and take a screenshot of it. Put the screenshot in your HW Write-up.
When submitting your write-up, also submit a .zip folder that includes the hw5.html file and the your image file to Blackboard.

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