1) Sociological Imagination: C. Wright Mills argued sociologists need a sociological imagination…

Assignments – 10% ea.–ASSIGNMENT No. 1 – Due Oct. 4

Choose One (1) of these questions to answer:

1) Sociological Imagination: C. Wright Mills argued sociologists need a sociological imagination. A) Describe what Mills meant, include the concepts of personal troubles & public issues. B) Reflect on your own life; how you’re a product of history and how you’re influenced by (contemporary) social processes. Describe an experience where you could see the impact of history and contemporary social processes on your life.

2) Marxist Alienation: Marx highlighted four different ways we’re alienated from the products of our labor. A) Describe these four forms of alienation, in your own words. B) Think of your own work experiences. Apply the concept of alienation to your experience and provide examples for each type.

Purpose:To engage with answering short questions based on our text and learn general university-level writing skills. The questions ask you to reflect on, think about the material from the text and the lectures. For this assignment:

a) Begin with an opening paragraph; tell the reader what you’re doing to do. Similar, to how you would begin an essay.

b) Answer each of parts to the two questions.

c) Complete your assignment with a concluding paragraph, highlighting some aspect of the material that interested, surprised, angered, or confused you.

Format: 2-3 pages + title page. Double spaced; 12 pt Times Roman font; 1” margins. On title page include your name, course name, number, professor’s name, etc. Staple Your Assignment. Keep an electronic copy of your work. Emailed assignments cannot be accepted.


1) Proper Formatting – 1 mark.

2) Introductory paragraph – 2 marks.

3) Answer to part A – 4 marks.

4) Answer to part B – 6 marks.

5) Concluding paragraph – 2 marks.