1 paragraph each question

Please answer each question one paragraph each. Last paragraph needs to be done with the information given.
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1) Which leadership model do you prefer? Why? 2) Which of the three content motivation theories do you prefer? Why? 3) Which of the three process motivation theories do you prefer? Why? What does it mean to be “grown up” in our society? What factors are involved in a young person being defined as an adult? What importance does social class have in this process? share your own family experiences with diversity (e.g. culture, religion, race…). What are your family traditions? The role of music, food, extended family, language, religion… Tie it to the OCR and/or outside research relating to your race/culture (Is your experience typical for your culture, race etc.) Black, from Caribbean, spiritual, English, west Indian food (curry chicken, rice and beans, (music: soca, dancehall etc). Learned that “Determination to succeed in education”